Make Your Brand Story Unforgettable

Most business owners struggle to communicate about what they do. We make your brand’s story crystal clear so your business grows.

Attract your audience

Ignite growth

Unite your team

Don’t let your message get lost

in the noise

In a digital landscape overflowing with information, small businesses are often challenged  to carve out a distinct identity. Their brand message, no matter how genuine, risks being drowned in the relentless sea of content. 

Without a compelling story, they find it difficult to engage their audience.

Spark connections that last

Imagine the words on your website and promo  resonating with your audience. As your brand’s story unfolds, it captivates hearts and minds, fostering a loyal community of customers turned brand advocates. This is the power of a compelling story, and it’s within your reach.


Ignite Growth

When visitors can instantly see your products and services solve their problem, they feel compelled to take action and buy.


Invite your audience

“Engaging” content comes from walking the  fine line of  words and ideas that will resonate deeply with your target audience. We use a story-based framework to make sure that happens.. 


Unite your team

Clear brand messaging means your staff and partners are able to effortlessly promote the same story on all their channels. Powerful!

Your brand is a story

At Clear Story Labs, we specialize in crafting brand narratives using the Storybrand framework so your brand message leaves a lasting impression. This approach is rooted in human nature and, when combined with market insights, ensures that your story not only engages but resonates.

From brand strategy to persuasive copy, we’re dedicated to amplifying your unique voice in the marketplace.

Your Storybrand messaging partner

 HI, I’m Hans, founder of Clear Story Labs.

I  know how difficult it can be to put the soul of your business into the right engaging words, especially when you are so close to the daily concerns of your business. 

You and owners like you are exactly why I got certified in the Storybrand framework to begin with-so I can guide you through the process of using clear story to attract your ideal customer.

Our Products and Services

Free Assessment

Our online business assessment can help you understand where your marketing plan is falling short and how to approach a higher ideal.
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Our signature product to give your brand the clearest possible message for attracting your ideal customer.

Web Development

We have developers capable of coding in all major technologies, ready to implement your messaging at whatever scale your growth plan demands.

Copy Coaching

You write, we guide. If you like doing your own writing or have to for budget reasons, this is the service for you.

Branding + Growth Plan

Full brand messaging and small business marketing roadmap. Perfect for small businesses ready to kick their marketing up a notch.

Quiz Funnels

Need more target audience clarity? Ask us about quiz funnels, an excellent way to engage visitors while learning what they really need and want.

It all starts here

Marketing should be simple and it should work


Brand Deep dive

We’ll review exactly where you are and where you want to go.



We craft the words that resonate for both your customers and your team.



Shout those words out to the world and watch your business grow!


What some of our customers say

Hans has a great understanding of the Story Brand framework and was expertly able to take my thoughts and craft messaging that will resonate with my ideal client. I’ve been spinning my wheels on this for months. It took one hour with Hans to get it right!

Shannon H.

Founder teacherEDU

We needed help getting a clear message easily communicated to the  team. Hans was very attentive to every last detail. I wouldn’t work with anyone else when it comes to branding.

Erin L.

Founder SunForge Energy

I was looking for a way to effectively and concisely communicate the services I provide for my clients. It was difficult even after relentless iteration. As you helped me with the copy the messaging was coherently coming together. And now my site has launched! 

Sean S.